España, 2018
Director: Alberto Gracia

Director: Alberto Gracia
Produción: Alberto Gracia, Felipe Lage, José Alayón (El Horlá Producciones, Zeitun Films, El Viaje Films)
Fotografía: Mauro Herce, Alberto Gracia
Montaxe: Alberto Gracia
Música: Jonay Armas
Son: Amanda Villavieja
Con: Nacho Alonso, Rober Soler Coloma, Humberto ‘El Gitano’, J. Manuel Hermelo

In 1984, Rober and his band released their first and only LP titled El lado oscuro del Rock’n Roll (The Dark Side of Rock’n Roll). Thirty years later Rober travels to Vigo to meet Nacho, a friend who is a photographer. He discovers that everything has changed in this time. Neither he nor Vigo seem to be present. Maybe the only exit could be to find Ronnie. Will the beach be the desired place?