The Sensualist

Peter Emanuel Goldman, 80', 1966, USA
“Lost, Destroyed and Incomplete Films”

Katrina leaves her home in Denmark after an unhappy love affair and comes to New York where she meets Sharon, a Greenwich Village coffee house waitress, who offers the shelter of her apartment.

This sexploitation film, unfortunately lost, and never seen again after 1968, was shot in different styles, sometimes imitating Godard, Bergman, Truffaut or Bertolucci. The producer hated it and Brian DePalma wrote a funny article about it in the Village Voice. All that remains of it is a 35mm trailer and 8 reels of 16mm work print without sound that we are presenting in a special screening with the support of La Cinémathèque Française.

This session also includes: Goldman’s earlier shorts Recommended by Duncan Hines (1963, 4 min) and Nightcrawlers (1963, 4 min).


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