Going South

Dominic Gagnon, 104', 2018, Canada
Directed, produced and edited by Dominic Gagnon
Tags: Globalization of affects, Emotional communities, Survival, 6th continent, technological singu-larity, global claustrophobia, deterritorialization, desorientation

Gagnon’s previous works, –that we presented in retrospective at Play-Doc’s last edition–, demonstrated how conspiracy theories are blossoming in a post-truth climate and how deceiving others becomes a challenge, a game, and ultimately a habit. In this new project, Gagnon explores the democratizing effect of the internet, the resultant decline in deference to experts, the tendency of social media to lock us in echo chambers and the blurring of fact and fiction. This leading us all to this : on the Internet everything is true. Going South follows the highly controversial film Of the North and It is the second film of a tetralogy that explores the four cardinal directions on the internet.


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