November 13, 2018

Play-Doc produces new video clip for Ricardo Dias Gomes

Play-Doc has produced the newest video clip for the song 1 2 3 nenéns included in Aa, the second album by Ricardo Dias Gomes who continues his successful solo career after ten years recording and touring the world with Caetano Veloso.

The video is entirely made with images coming from the super 8 home movies filmed by the neighbors of Tui in the 60′, 70′ and 80′ and recovered and digitalized at Play-Doc 2018.

We are happy and proud of this beautiful collaboration between Play-Doc and the Brazilian musician.

Original idea by Ricardo Dias Gomes

Edited by Gus Abreu

Produced by Ángel Sánchez for Play-Doc

Special thanks to all the families that gave us permission to use this footage.