Francia, Suiza, 2020
Director: Agnese Làposi, Benjamin Bucher

Dirixido e escrito por Agnese Làposi and Benjamin Bucher
Montaxe: Annette Brutsch, Benjamin Bucher
Producido por Alexis Boulanger, Ethan Selcer (Quartett Production), Jann Kessler (Artist Collective Revolta – Switzerland)
Fotografía: Benjamin Bucher
Son: Agnese Làposi. Adrien Kessler
Corrección de cor: Carlos Tapia Gonzalez
Banda sonora orixinal: Tape Machine Music ‘ lofi ambient demo01’

Beyond the scheduled program of a school trip, three teenagers find ways to pass the time. Between tenderness, boredom and rejection they all try to find their own place in the group.