Portugal, 1971
Director: António Campos

Dirección, Produción, Fotografia, Montaxe: António Campos.
Argumento: António Campos, a partir de uma idea de Paulo Rocha y basado en “Vilarinho das Furnas, Aldeia Comunitária”, de Jorge Dias.
Son: Alexandre Gonçalves (mezcla).
Con: Aníbal Gonçalves Pereira (narrador), Joaquim Manuel (Quiné), Fernando Cruz, Jorge Pereira, Glória.

Digital Restoration World Premiere

The death sentence that had been dictated was postponed for some years, but in 1969 Vilarinho das Furnas saw the time come for its destruction by the construction of a dam. Removed to a pastoral community life system, the only possible to overcome the deficient subsistence conditions that the place offered, it disappeared under the mantle of cold and clear waters that, for so many years, gave it life… A tribute to the people, by who followed its last twelve months of existence.