TO WRITE THE IMPOSSIBLE (Escribir lo imposible)

España, 2021
Director: Simone G. Saibene

Director: Simone G. Saibene
Producers: Simone G. Saibene
Writter: Simone G. Saibene
Cinematography: Jairo Iglesias
Editing: Fran Barba
Music: Paolo ‘Apollo’ Negri
Cast: Juan Tallón, Marta Vázquez, Helena Tallón Vázquez, Andrea Aguilar, Pablo Araujo, Ramón Tallón

Juan Tallón (Vilardevós, Ourense,1975) spends all day writing, especially when he isn’t writing. He collaborates with El País, Jot Down, El Progreso and Cadena Ser. In 2020, two weeks before confinement, he presented ‘Rewind’ (Anagrama), a book set in Lyon about the fragility of life, unexpected blows and things that are lost forever. This documentary tells the story of the process of creating ‘Rewind’, his latest novel ‘Masterpiece’, and how the new reality ended up taking over from fiction.