STRIKING LAND (Terra que marca)

Portugal, 2022
Director: Raul Domingues

Cinematography, Sound and Editing: Raul Domingues
Sound Design: Paulo Lima
Mix: Tiago Matos
Color Correction: Andreia Bertini
Produced by Oublaum Filmes, Etnograf Filmes, Raul Domingues in association with Terratreme Filmes
With: Maria Alice Sousa, Manuel Jesus, Duro, Joaquim Sousa, Manuel Carpalhoso, José Silva, António Sousa, Luís Mil Homens, Manuel Carlos, Luís Carpalhoso, Edmundo Lisboa, Maria Alice Domingues, Maria Sousa, Isaura Domingues, Adelino Sousa, Abílio Domingues, Fernando Carpalhoso, Daniela Sousa, Bianca, Bruna, Eva and Leonor

Spanish Premiere

It is told that in the past, two wrongdoers came to serve their sentence of taking care of an uninhabited and fallow land. Their sentence was passed from generation to generation and was inherited by the men who work it. A barefoot woman is tilling the land and is surprised by a leaf.