Canadá, México, 2016
Director: Nicolás Pereda, Andrea Bussmann

Directores: Andrea Bussmann, Nicolás Pereda
Fotografía: Noé Rodríguez, Andrea Bussmann
Producción: Andrea Bussmann, Nicolás Pereda, Dan Montgomery
Productoras: MDFF, Interior 13
Montaje: Andrea Bussmann
Guión: Andrea Bussmann, Nicolás Pereda
Sonido: Dan Montgomery, Alejandro de Icaza

Drifting between fiction and documentary, Tales of Two Who Dreamt follows a family of Hungarian Roma (Gypsy) asylum seeking refugees living in a large apartment complex in Toronto. The film follows their everyday life routines and also ventures into the characters’ hopes and dreams. Constructed through characters and the building’s corporeal landscape, we drift with various members of the family through spaces and people suffering the effects of displacement and disconnection in their hope to build a sense of community in a foreign space. The film tells the several different tales: a woman who went crazy after her son fell of a balcony, an abandoned dog locked in an apartment, a fire that burned an entire floor in the building, an enormous snake that escaped and was never found, a child that turned into a bird, among other stories.

Interior 13
Bruna Haddad