Sábado 25 de marzo / 00:30h / Sala Metropol

Anticipada 8€ - Taquilla- 12€ - Abono dous días 20€ / Tickets

For their debut album as Star Rover, guitarist Will Graefe and drummer Jeremy Gustin began with the music of John Fahey and ended up in their own corner of a skewed, over-driven, weird America.  Will Graefe (Jesse Harris, Larkin Grimm) and Jeremy Gustin (Marc Ribot, Albert Hammond Jr, Delicate Steve) spent 2012 in a Bushwick loft – modest but airy and bright, with a wall of windows – so that, in the moments when their attention wavered from music, they could watch garbage trucks unloading across the street. Perhaps this is the reason that their attention so rarely wavered. While dissecting the records of John Fahey, Sonny Sharrock, Lighting Bolt, and Leadbelly, among others, they discovered other music yet-to-be-played and yet-to-be-heard.