USA, 1977
Length: 121'
Director: William Friedkin

Production Company : Universal Pictures
Script: Walon Green (basado en la novela "El salario del miedo" de Georges Arnaud)
Cinematography: Dick Bush
Editor: Bud S. Smith
Music: Tangerine Dream
Cast: Roy Scheider (Jackie Scanlon), Bruno Cremer (Victor Manzon), Francisco Rabal (Nilo), Amidou (Kassem), Ramon Bieri (Corlette), Peter Capell (Lartigue), Karl John (Marquez), Friedrich von Ledebur (Carlos)

Sorcerer is an intense thriller that follows four men from different backgrounds, professions and nationalities who come together in a remote South American village to transport a shipment of nitroglycerine through dangerous mountainous terrain. Based on Georges Arnaud’s novel The Wages of Fear, the same novel that inspired Henri-Georges Clouzot’s French film of the same name (1953), Friedkin’s version plunges into despair and suspense as the characters face deadly obstacles on their perilous mission. Although initially poorly received upon its release in 1977, Sorcerer has gained cult status over time and is considered by many to be an overlooked masterpiece of suspense cinema. Its intricate narrative, oppressive atmosphere and striking imagery make it an unforgettable cinematic experience and a film worthy of rediscovery for fans of genre cinema.