PORTRAITS OF THE PEOPLE OF THE LIS RIVER BANKS (Retratos dos das Margens do Rio Lis)

Portugal, 1965
Director: António Campos

Directed and produced by António Campos

Digital Restoration World Premiere

This is a film supported by an association between the flow of the waters of the river and the flow of the lives of the men and women who work day to day, fighting for their survival. The title of the film states that the focus will be on the people who live on the banks of the River Lis, that is, the film offers us portraits of those who are from the banks of the River Lis. The work and poverty of the people living on the banks of the river run side by side, but also hope, as children have a special place in this film… Manuela Penafria, O Paradigma do Documentário – António Campos, Cineasta