Spain, 2023
Length: 77'
Director: Bruno Arias

Director: Bruno Arias
Producers: Álvaro Liste
Writters: Lucía Ramiro, Bruno Arias
Cinematography: Miguel Gomar
Editing: Bruno Arias, Laura Piñeiro
Music: Dani Cornes
Cast: Melania Cruz, Sheyla Fariña, Lidia Veiga


Bruno has long had a thorn in his side: he remembers almost nothing of one of the biggest influences in his life. His aunt Xela died when he was 5 years old and all that remains of her are the memories of other people. That is why, eighteen years later, Bruno decides to go through the faces and places where his aunt lived in order to shed light on this internal conflict through the first inheritance she left him: the creative impulse.