Canadá, 2015
Director: Dominic Gagnon

Dirigida, editada y producida por Dominic Gagnon
Sonido: Dominic Gagnon, Bruno Bélanger

By putting almost 500 hours of films, posted on YouTube by hundreds of amateur Inuit filmmakers, together into a coherent form, Gagnon creates an anti-exotic and rhythmic Vertovian “Kino-Eye”, including hunting scenes, drinking sprees, oil rigs, jam sessions, exhibitionism, snow-mobile races… without forgetting the polar bears. A whole form of trashy and unbridled acculturation is revealed in this visual and audio potlatch – through the Inuit languages, a sort of ‘musique concrète’ irrigating the sound score – which takes apart the existing clichés about this people, too often confined to the borders of the contemporary world. (Emmanuel Chicon).