Perú, España, 2021
Director: Javier Corcuera

Dirixido por Javier Corcuera
Guión: Javier Corcuera, Manuel Viqueira
Montaxe: Martín Eller
Fotografía: Mariano Agudo
Son: Daniel de Zayas, Ángel Katarin, Carli Pérez , José Tomé, David Machado
Música: La Polla Records

La Polla Records, one of the most legendary punk bands, returns to bid its farewell. To celebrate the group’s last tour, its singer, Evaristo Páramos, revives 40 years of history from his town in the Basque Country. This is the extraordinary tale of villagers who revolutionised incensed music with songs turned into hymns by their thousands of followers.