Bélgica, Francia, 1976
Director: Chantal Akerman

Escrito e dirixido por Chantal Akerman
Fotografía: Babette Mangolte
Montaxe: Francine Sandberg
Son: Dominique Dalmasso, Larry Haas
Produtora: Paradise Films (Brussels), Unité trois (Paris), INA (Paris), ZDF (Mainz)
Restaurado pola Cinémathèque royale de Belgique (Cinematek, Belgium).

News from Home comes through as « love letters » to the filmmaker in New York from her mother in Europe. This text paints an intimate picture of family life, with its catalogue of minor illnesses, domestic routines, betrothals and financial anxieties. The elegiac emotionalism of the text is counterpointed not only by the flat monotone of Akerman’s recitation but also by the images of Manhattan as an alien, urban ghost-town, its streets preternaturally empty.