España, 2021
Director: Lucía Estévez

Director: Lucía Estévez
Writters: Lucía Estévez, Manu Estévez
Cinematography: Ariadna Cordal, Dani Cornes
Editing: Lucía Estévez, Brandán Cerviño
Music: Xavier Bértolo, Golpes Bajos
Cast: Manu Estévez, Diego Anido, María Tasende

Galician Premiere

The sparrows make their way through the machinery, into the exhaust pipes, the open engines or the seats of the cars on the third floor. In the early morning, when they hear the opening of the big gate, they fly quickly to get inside. Today the garage is a safe place for them, just as it was once for my father in the 1980s.