Austria, 2021
Director: Enar de Dios

Dirección: Enar de Dios
Música: nara is neus, Valentí Adell

Although the oceans make up more than 70% of the Earth’s surfice, until now only a very small part of the seabed has been mapped. However, in recent years, the mapping of these spaces has accelerated due to different economic, geopolitical and scientific interests, determined to build a “new continent” to be explored and exploited underwater. Liquid Ground is a video essay that uses the ocean floor and its current cartography to talk about colonialism, ecology and representation. Shaped by a wide variety of found material —from the illustrations of the first worldwide oceanographic expedition to current technologies and visions related to the ocean floor— Liquid Ground functions as a reminder of the liquid grounds that make up and sustain the planet. Moreover, it is a call to disobeying the stability of the arbitrary, extractive and limiting lines that are mapped across the world. Like any other form of knowledge, Liquid Ground is also a set of riddles.