Les Unwanted de Europa

Italia, España, 2018
Director: Fabrizio Ferraro

Escrito e dirixido por: Fabrizio Ferraro
Produción: Marcello Fagiani, Lluís Miñarro, Fabrizio Ferraro, Fabio Parente
Produtora: Boudu, Eddie Saeta, Rai Cinema
Fotografía: Giancarlo Leggeri, Simone Borgna
Montaxe: Fabrizio Ferraro
Música: Pau Riba
Con: Euplemio Macrì, Catarina Wallenstein, Pau Riba, Bruno Duchêne, Marco Teti

Catalunya, South-Eastern Pyrenees. The elements and a mineral landscape. Along the “Lister Route”, in February 1939 the refugees of the Spanish Civil War advance slowly. Among them, three antifascists militiamen. Just one year later another group of “unwanted” embarks the same route through the Pyrenees but this time in the opposite direction. It is the population of anti-fascists, foreigners and Jews fleeing from occupied and “Collaborationist” France. The philosopher Walter Benjamin is one of them.