Brazil, 2023
Length: 73'
Director: Julio Bressane

Directed by Julio Bressane
Script: Julio Bressane, Rosa Dias
Producers: Tande Bressane, Bruno Safadi
Production Company: TB Produções
Cinematography: Pablo Baião
Editing: Rodrigo Lima
Sound: Laura Zimmermann
With: Simone Spoladore, Josie Antello, Debora Olivieri, João Vitor Silva

European Premiere

(Rudder of destiny)

Longtime friends live a love story. There is a veiled hidden mystery in their relationship, a misconception, something unsaid, secret and ignored that when came to light the relationship broke up. Something distant and far away which in a particular frame of space and time stands before their eyes. The song of love and lovers is cut off, the garden they cultivated falls apart. The film seeks that rope, that inconstant heart, that line of fire which divides affections.