Italia, 2022
Length: 193'
Director: Enrico Ghezzi, Alessandro Gagliardo

Directed by Enrico Ghezzi and Alessandro Gagliardo
Producer: Armando Andria
Production Company: Matango, Rai Cinema
Cinematography: Renato Berta
Editing: Enrico Ghezzi and Alessandro Gagliardo
Music: Iosonouncane
With Aura Ghezzi, con le voci di Adelchi Ghezzi, enrico ghezzi, Toni Servillo

Spanish Premiere

(The Last Days of Humanity)

“Not enough thought has been given to the real rupture that brought the cinema into history, into what we are accustomed to think of as the history of humanity. The cinema is the first moment in which the world sees itself again. Then we know that it’s fake, that it’s a trick, that they are single frames, but while the photograph is a frozen instant, with the cinema we see a horse again, the world sees itself again and this in itself is a fulfilment that we didn’t imagine…”