España, 2015
Director: Alberto Lobelle

Director, producer and editor: Alberto Lobelle
Associate Producer: Xurxo Chirro
Camera Operators: Anonym, People of Mariupol
Sound Editor: Oskar Lopez
Graphic Designer: Raquel Castro

“Den Pobedy” (Victory Day) is counted among the most important celebrations for many former Soviet Republics. It is held on May 9 and commemorates the victory of the USSR over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). This day pays homage to the war veterans and to the over 26 million Soviets who lost their lives fighting this war.

Kalinichenko Vasily Porfirievich fought in the Red Army on the 3rd Ukranian Front and on the 1st Belarusian Front. As a member of the 226th Infantry Regiment he entered Berlin on April 22, 1945. This documentary explores the war, his life and his family history.