Francia, España, 2015
Director: Mauro Herce

Una película de Mauro Herce
Fotografía: Mauro Herce
Producción: José Alayón (El Viaje Films), Ventura Durall (Nanouk Films), Jasmina Sijercic, Mauro Herce (Bocalupo Films)
Montaje: Manuel Muñoz R.
Guión: Manuel Muñoz R., Mauro Herce
Sonido: Daniel Fernández, Alejandro Castillo, Manuel Muñoz R., Carlos E. García, José M. Berenguer

A freighter crosses the ocean. The hypnotic rhythm of its pace reveals the continuous movement of the machinery devouring its workers: the old sailor’s gestures disappearing under the mechanical and impersonal pulse of the 21st century. Perhaps it is a boat adrift, or maybe just the last example of an endangered species with engines still running, unstoppable.