USA, 1985
Length: 116'
Director: William Friedkin

Producer: Jerry Weintrau
Production Company: United Artists
Script: William Friedkin (based on the novel by Gerald Walker)
Cinematography: James A. Contner
Editor: Bud S. Smith
Music: Jack Nitzsche
Cast: Al Pacino (Steve Burns), Paul Sorvino (Capitán Edelson), Karen Allen (Nancy Gates), Richard Cox (Gregory), Don Scardino (Ted Bailey), Joe Spinell (Patrolman DiSimone), Jay Acovone (Skip Lee), Randy Jurgensen (Det. Lefransky)

Cruising is a psychological thriller that explores the dangerous and inaccesible corners of the New York’s Leather/S&M subculture in the Eighties. Starring Al Pacino as an undercover cop who infiltrates the gay community to catch a serial killer, this controversial and provocative masterpiece encompasses recurring themes in Friedkin’s work, such as our conflicting desires and the inner struggle between good and evil. The movie, which continues to generate controversy for its ambiguity, has become an influential and obscure cult film.