Ça Brûle

France, 2005
Length: 111'
Director: Claire Simon

Script: Jérôme Beaujour, Claire Simon, Nadège Trébal
Image: Pascale Granel
Editing: Julien Lacheray
Music: Martin Wheeler
Production: Maïa Films / Promenade Films
With: Camille Varenne, Gilbert Melki, Kader Mohamed,
Marion Maintenay, Olivia Willaumez, Viviane Bonelli, Jean-
Quentin Châtelain, Patrick Moutonnet, Edith Amsellem, Morgane
Moré, Christophe Ballester, Pierre Gorris, Guillaume Barraud,
Lionel Mazouillé, Mourad Boukebal

One day Livia takes a violent spill from her horse. A fireman comes to the young girl’s aid, and she is immediately smitten. In the South of France, the summer is sultry and the fire ready to blaze up.