España, 2021
Director: David Varela

Director: David Varela
Producers: Rocío Cabrera
Cinematography: Raquel Fernández
Editing: David Varela
Music: Jonay Armas
Cast: Jimena Gómez de Diego, Paula Gordils Carrillo, Andrea Lázaro Pacios, Jacobo Llavona Pastor, Ricardo Castellano Ruíz de la Torre, Ernesto Viñas

Galician Premiere

Western Madrid. A place where one of the bloodiest and deadliest battles of the Spanish Civil War took place. A group of teenagers research, recite, and debate on the testimonies of those soldiers who fought back then. They embrace the experiences of the veterans and the dead.

Meanwhile, the film mutates, adapts, and evolves through their eyes. They are part of a new generation open to critically discuss and review education and historical memory in the midst of a polarized country.