España, Reino Unido, 2022
Director: Gerard Ortín Castellví

Director: Gerard Ortín Castellví
Fotografía: Gerard Ortín Castellví
Montaxe: Maddi Barber, Mirari Echávarri, Gerard Ortín Castellví
Son: Oriol Campi Solé
Coprodución: Vivianne Jorritsma, Oriol Campi Solé
Consultora de Produción: Sabine Groenewegen

Spanish Premiere

Machines are checking and sorting nature in an industrial greenhouse. Cameras enable the robots to do their work. Human hands only intervene to straighten anything that is crooked, plant delicate items or clean the mechanics to ensure things continue to run smoothly. Products must be up to standard so that they are market-ready for the consumer. Only at night, when everything is asleep, does unexpected life move in and take control.