Canadá, 1962
Director: Hubert Aquin

Dirixido por Huber Aquin
Produción: Fernand Dansereau
Fotografía: Guy Borremans, Michel Brault, Georges Dufaux, Claude Fournier, Bernard Gosselin, Jean Roy, Claude Jutra, Bernard Devlin, Arthur Lipsett, Don Owen, Daniel Fournier
Montaxe: Jacques Godbout, Monique Fortier
Son: Marcel Carrière, Roger Lamoreux, Roger Hart, Claude Pelletier, Leo O’Donell, Werner Nold
Música: Eldon Rathburn
Canción: Raymond Lévesque
Narración: Jacques Godbout

This short film is a series of vignettes of life in Saint-Henri, a Montreal working-class district, on the first day of school. From dawn to midnight, we take in the neighbourhood’s pulse: a mother fussing over children, a father’s enforced idleness, teenage boys clowning, young lovers dallying – the unposed quality of daily life.