February 2, 2017



The North American singer and songwriter will present in Tui the songs of her new album, Let It Be You, along with the multi-instrument Benjamin Lazar Davis. The line-up is completed with the performances of Star Rover (Brooklyn) and The Dirty Coal Train (Lisbon).

Once again Play-Doc has worked on a special collaboration with Sinsal SON Estrella Galicia Music Festival. With them have prepared a spectacular music program for this year.

Tui, 2 de febrero de 2017.  Joan As Police Woman celebrates a decade of continuous acclaim and international success by presenting her new (5th studio) Album and Concert tour entitled “Let It Be You”.
Joan is known to many for her collaborations with Antony, Rufus Wainwright Lou Reed and David Sylvian. A deeply soulful artist who crosses musical genres effortlessly.
“Let It Be You” is wonderful and liberating, a true collaboration from creation to stage, this time with fellow Brooklyn multi instrumentalist and songwriter Benjamin Lazar Davis (Cuddle Magic, Bridget Kearney).
Performing with full band,Joan As Police Woman and Benjamin Lazar Davis showcase new songs from the “Let It Be You” album and reimagine landmark recordings from her four previous Joan As Police Woman albums (Real Life, To Survive, The Deep Field, The Classic).

For their debut album as Star Rover, guitarist Will Graefe and drummer Jeremy Gustin began with the music of John Fahey and ended up in their own corner of a skewed, over-driven, weird America. Will Graefe (Jesse Harris, Larkin Grimm) and Jeremy Gustin (Marc Ribot, Albert Hammond Jr, Delicate Steve) spent 2012 in a Bushwick loft – modest but airy and bright, with a wall of windows – so that, in the moments when their attention wavered from music, they could watch garbage trucks unloading across the street. Perhaps this is the reason that their attention so rarely wavered. While dissecting the records of John Fahey, Sonny Sharrock, Lighting Bolt, and Leadbelly, among others, they discovered other music yet-to-be-played and yet-to-be-heard.

The Dirty Coal Train is a garage punk power trio from Portugal with influences that drift from sixties garage rock, to B movie monsters, with an eye on surf, rockabilly, blues and soul. They’ve been touring Europe and Brasil, and played along great bands such as The Routes, Autoramas, The Gories or The Smoogers… Now they come to Play-Doc to show us their pure and savagery music packed for insane nights soaked with daydreams and b movie paraphernalia

Play Doc Live!:
Joan As Police Woman. Friday, March 24th, 11:30pm. Sala Metropol. Tui
Star Rover. Saturday, March 25th, 00:30am. Sala Metropol. Tui
The Dirty Coal Train. Saturday, March 25th, 00:30am. Sala Metropol. Tui