Coming Soon

Galician filmmakers present a small preview of some of their future films as a Works in progress. These projects are:

360 Bends

360 Bends mark the distance that separates A Fonsagrada from Lugo. This long, difficult and descending path between mountains reflect the decline of a place that, at the beginning of the 90s, decided to fight for its survival.

Direction: Alejandro Gándara Porteiro and Ariadna Silva Fernández.
Production: Reboldelos, Xacio Baño and Támara Canosa.

The Inherited Silence

Edilia (86), a survivor of Francoism, is confronted by her granddaughter Lucía (27), who needs to know more about a family secret –related to the Spanish post-war era–, that has come to light. The encounters between the two awaken old traumas, breaking the silence and revealing the complex family memories that were built around it.

Director: Lucía Dapena González.
Screenplay: Lucía Dapena González and Liliana Díaz CastilloProducers: La Selva. Creatiu Ecosystem, Gaitafilmes