March 21, 2016

Claire Simon Greeting

Play-Doc in Tui.

A small border town. Every day, every night, I would wonder where all those people came from who filled all the seats at this festival.

Those days in which I would meet cinema-lovers who were completely unknown to me were extraordinary.

I met very demanding, even harsh critics, who were up to date with all the latest developments, true lovers of cinematic originality… We ate together, talked and discovered other lives, other types of cinephilia… And then there was the beautiful architecture in the rain.

I was really moved the night they screened my documentary La Gare du Nord de Paris. The audience were smiling after the screening, despite the tough lives of the people shown in the film, and they understood that that place was rather like a forum, a utopia. They reminded me of the reason why I wanted to make that film.

Claire Simon