Welcome to Play-Doc 2013!
Ross McElwee, was our special guest in the festival's last edition, now he welcomes you to Play-Doc 2013:

"How can the experience of presenting work in a film festival be both calming and exhilarating? Somehow, that's what Play-Doc was for me. It has much to do with the welcoming environment of Galicia, which provides a relaxed context in which to take in films and discuss them with friends and neighbors. Not to say that festival-goers were not challenged by the films that were shown. The work of the Armenian filmmaker Artavazd Pelechian - whose work is both lyrical and rigorously uncompromising - was surely a discovery for most people who attended. But for me, aside from the pleasure I had of presenting my films to an inquisitive and engaged audience, I loved how the festival could then continue into the night as we retreated for wonderful meals and talk in nearby restaurants - sometimes with interested audience members in town. And sometimes even into the next day, floating down the Miño River and sipping albariño.

Documentary filmmaker nirvana. Viva Play-doc!"

Ross McElwee

Reality is polyhedral, ambiguous, complex, and full of paradoxes and contradictions. To try to capture it in a faithful way is a difficult task.
Perhaps the only real way to capture its essence is through honesty. Where objectivity is nothing more than an issue of personal integrity and where there are no answers, but merely questions, processes, uncertainties, and explorations.
It may then be possible to glimpse something of that intricate and elusive reality. And also to discover, not unexpectedly, that the story of every individual tells the story of all mankind.
It is this ability to recognize oneself in the other, this fundamental empathy, which permeates the programme of the ninth edition of Play-Doc.
Ultimately, cinema is nothing more than the act of looking inside and outside of oneself. To be able to see what is there and see ourselves.
We hope you enjoy the experience,