Welcome to Play-Doc 2012

Welcome to Play-Doc 2012!

This year's edition has been prepared with care and dedication. Two themes are the core of the programme: landscape and personal filmmaking.

However different these two approaches concepts may seem, they both invite us to explore the essential questions of human existence - questions that are grounded in the philosophical, social, political, psychological or metaphysical. Further, a landscape and single human being function as synecdoches, particular representations of a person or a place that become universal.

In both approaches we find a desperate hunger for unravelling the mysteries of the universe together with an inextinguishable desire to transcend them: Life and death, agony and ecstacy, the fleeting and the eternal, the unbelievable capacity to survive and the untiring search for happiness. Nature emerges majestic and fearsome, movingly beautiful and devastating, reminding us of what we are and what place we occupy on the planet.

As always we hope you enjoy the festival.


Marcel Lozinski was our special guest in the festival's last edition, now he welcomes you to Play-Doc 2012.

My Tui,

A good festival is like a good restaurant.
What do we expect from it?
First of all, we look for exquisite dishes.
We look for an exceptional ambiance.
We look for a nice and welcoming staff,
We look for a Chef that will have time for each and every customer.
You will find all these things at Play-Doc:
Excellent films
A formidable team
A very charming place.
A love for people and cinema.
Thank you Sara, thank you Ángel and thanks to all the Play-Doc team.
Everybody, come to Tui!
You will keep an unforgettable memory
In addition there are also very good restaurants that the festival has chosen for us

Marcel Lozinski

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