Director: Robert Bellsolà
Executive Producers: Fernando Conde, Carmen de Miguel, Paula Cosenza
Production Company: Keltia Produccións (Galicia), Bossa Nova Films (Brasil)
Script: Robert Bellsolà y Fernando Conde
Original Soundtrack: Xurxo Núñez
Opening Credits: Radar Studio
Opening Animation: Duplo Motiongraphics
Audio Post: David Machado
Image Post: Xosé González
Cast: Carlos Núñez, Pancho Álvarez, Xurxo Núñez, Carlinhos Brown, Paddy Moloney (The Chieftains), Lenine, Ariano Suassuna, Nélida Piñon, José Miguel Wisnik, Luis García Mañá, José Ramos Tinhorão, etc
Carlos Núñez embarks on a journey in search of his great-grandfather, José María Núñez, who in 1904 emigrated from Galicia to Brazil and disappeared, supposedly assassinated by other musician. Carlos not only seems to track his ancestor down in Rio de Janeiro, but also gets absorbed by an amazing country where music reigns and the ancient Galician-Portuguese culture is preserved and revitalized by the African. The film shows as well the details of the recording of ‘Alborada do Brazil’, Carlos Núñez’s last and renown album.
Keltia Produccións