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Sat. 25th April
Sala Metropol 8€

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Music has always been essential to Play-Doc.

In this edition, along with the documentary True, we have the privilege to present you The legendary Tigerman, one of the coolest emerging artists coming out from Europe.

In the 21st century Paulo Furtado became The Legendary Tigerman. Following the tradition of the old blues-men, this one-man band literally jumped from Coimbra, Portugal, to the world.

The Tigerman is all about roots but he also combines it with the new technologies –samples, beats, loops– always keeping it real, playing the instruments live. The consequences of this blend are explosive and brought him exposure all acorss Europe, USA, South America and Japan.

The Legendary Tigerman is all about music. But it’s also about cinema and photography. His live shows have a smooth cinematography trough Tigerman’s music, as a soundtrack played in real time.


Paulo Segadães | 2014 | 43' | PORTUGAL

Direction, image: Paulo Segadães
Production: Paulo Ventura, Paulo Furtado
Editing: Sérgio Pedro
Sound: Toni Lourenço
Graphic Design: Frederico Mancellos

This film follows the almost year-long creative process behind True (2014), the latest album by Paulo Furtado, aka The Legendary Tigerman. It moves from the very first chords on the guitar, to the rehearsals in his basement and on to the recording of the final songs in the studio.