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Concello de Tui

Tui and Valença are united by a single river, whose banks change colours on official maps. In truth, they are identically green and blue without banks. The Episcopal city and capital of one of the provinces of the Ancient Kingdom of Galicia is well worth a visit on its own merits due to its historical district, which has been proposed as a World Heritage site. The tour of the monuments might begin from the central Paseo da Corredoira. The web of narrow and arcaded streets swirls around the Cathedral-Fortress which dominates the long curve of the river from above. The night-time illumination of the exterior walls gives an idea of the defensive appearance of the site.

Where to Sleep

Hotel Colón
Rúa Colón, 11, Telf.- 986 60 02 23

More Inexpensive:

San Telmo 91
Hostal 1 Estrella. Residencia
Calle: Avda. de La Concordia, 88
Teléfono: 986603011
Pensión Residencia O Novo Cabalo Furado
Habitaciones y Apartamentos
Junto a la catedral
Telf.- 986 604 445 // 627 072 332
Albergue Villa SanClemente
Canonigo Valiño nº 23. Tui.
Telf.- 678747700
Albergue el Camino
C/ Obispo Lago, nº5.
José Manuel - 646 982 906
Susana - 636 839 675
Hostal Scala
Rúa Rosa Bahamonde, 5.
Teléfono: 986 601 890
Hotel Alfonso I
A Gandara - Guillarei, s/n. 36720 Tui, Pontevedra
Teléfono: 986 607 060

Where to Go

Play-Doc , gives you the opportunity to know one of the most beautiful places in Galicia.

Tui, is a very important reference in Galician history.
A priviliged geografic situation, a soft climate and the incredible medieval city makes of Tui the perfect place to stay.
While you enjoy the festival we recomend you to visit the next places:

Tui, the ancient city. The stone legend.

Monte Aloia. The First natural park in Galicia.

Río Miño. The border line.

Valença do Minho. Our portuguese neighbour.

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