Piedad | Galician Cinema


73’ / 2012 / Galicia Director: Otto Roca
Screplay: Marcos Nine
Producer: Ximena Losada
Cinematography: Otto Roca
Sound: Daniel Patiño
Editing: Fran X. Rodríguez, Marcos Nine
Music: Benxamín Otero
Piedad lived most of her life in Leiroso, a small village, far from the urban world. Along with her husband, they choosed to stay eventhough their children and neighbors left. At age 76 Alzheimer appears in her live. Her husband died long ago, and she is the only inhabitant in the area. Because of the disease her youngest son takes her with him and his family, to the city. This radical change takes her to a new life where facts, memories or what her own disease creates are intermingled.
Amén Cinema