Fóra | Galician Cinema


95’ / 2012 / Galicia Directing & Editing: Pablo Cayuela / Xan Gómez Viñas
Cinematography: Pablo Cayuela
Sound: Carlos Sarille
Voiceover: Sonia Varela
Script: Pablo Cayuela / María do Cebreiro
Original soundtrack: Urro
Graphic image: X. Carlos Hidalgo
Second camera operator: Julio Vilariño
With: Emilio González / Eliseo Fernández / Manuel Sixto / Manuel Valiño / Sonia Varela
Fóra (Out) investigates the hidden stories of a place: the premises of the Psychiatric Hospital of Conxo. The filmmakers use an audio-visual technique that transforms the document into image, in order to create a sort of alternate current between the images of the institution and several voices. These multiple voices are connected to the stories lingering in the building and to the reading of literary excerpts and documentary sources with strong echoes in the present day. Here the history of Conxo ―which mirrors that of Compostela― is unravelled into little stories that stress the need for taking a closer look at certain areas erased from the urban memory and their social meaning.
Pablo Cayuela / Xan Gómez Viñas