A year has passed since a group of young filmmakers from different places took on the challenge of portraying an inhabitant of Tui. What arose from this intense and enriching experience was the creation of a collective film called IDA E VOLTA (There and Back). Ten portraits were born from the same impulse, ten sketches registering the meeting between of those portrayed with the portrayers, freezing a slice of life, were captured in images. This exchange of glances, between the young film makers in their combined work and that of each director with their subject, became a footprint in a shared time, full of enquiry, dialogue, vital and cinematographic motivations. A footprint that was made indelible to such an extent that it generated the need to continue with the project. We propose therefore, to continue with this unforgettable and exciting adventure. These young directors return now to reunite with their subjects. Time has passed for them all. That first meeting is resumed again where we left off. To capture an image is to lay one´s curious eyes upon the other, upon their gestures, their form of speech, the way they walk, smile, to throw back their gaze in silence. What is behind these images? Or better said, what lies before these images? To film what was, to film a piece of the life history of the person portrayed. This will be this year´s challenge. To manage, as cinema does, the filming of the present or of what exists in front of the camera (which is really all that can be filmed), to speak about the past or about what has already happened. To mould the presence in order to deal with what is absent. A cinematographic question, therefore, but once again vital: are we not made to a large extent of that which we have already lived? It´s memory-portrait therefore for this year. The second stop on a path already initiated and which should lead us to explore in future editions the textures of what this first gesture implies, which is to look and to receive the gaze of he who stands before us.