Short Films


Kate Saragaço-Gomes, Calum MacBeath Morgan, 13', 2021, Denmark-India-Portugal
A film by Kate Saragaço-Gomes and Calum MacBeath Morgan
Production, Direction, Camera, Editing and Sound design: Kate Saragaço-Gomes
Production, field recording and editing: Calum MacBeath Morgan
Sound design and Mix: Marcelo Tavares
Color grading: Afonso Gaudêncio, Thibault Solinhac

Tadu Baki follows himself through the jungle. He finds himself in a glass of water.



Fábio Silva, 20', 2021, Portugal
A film by Fábio Silva
Camera and editing: Fábio Silva
Assistant director: João Pedro Soares
Sound and Mix: André de Almeida
Poster: José Leal
Cast: Cesaltina Tavares Silva, Fábio Silva

A son discovers his father’s old 8mm tapes and sees images for the first time from before his birth, from his childhood and his adolescence. After seeing them he returns to the house where he grew up and begins to investigate his parents, trying to understand the trauma he has experienced throughout life.



Marina Lameiro, Maddi Barber, 22', 2021, Spain
A film by Marina Lameiro, Maddi Barber
Script, sound and photo editing: Marina Lameiro, Maddi Barber
Production: Mirari Echávarri, Pedro Marqués
Sound design: Oriol Campi
Graphics: Fran Fraca
With: Amets Gardeazabal, Javier Díez, Roberto Jaukikoa, Adur Gardeazabal, Ateri Gar-deazabal, Maia DIaz Ameave, Inaitz Cerro, Dembha Murcia, Ara Cerro, Haizea Tabar, Izar Murcia, Aize Lasa, Nira Murcia, Aiora Tabar, Nahia Uxua, Ian Tabar

Two men measure the heights of pine trees. A woman listens to what the trees are saying. The children of the village set up the camp.  A cloud of digital dots reveals the forest. The pines have said that we can ask. They always called this place “Paraíso”. Machines will come soon.



Juan Soto Taborda, 29', 2020, Colombia-Spain
Directed by Juan Soto Taborda
Editing: Juan Soto Taborda, Lara García Reyne
Sound: Isabel Torres

I called my mother with a very specific question, and the conversation ended up having the structure of a potencial film. When blending her words with some old 16mm footage and some photography rolls a cuban friend had asked me to develop, the images started to burn, and their ignition posed questions about the nature of memories, how do we archive and preserve them, and which ones vanish without leaving a trace. According to Didi Huberman, to look at an image requires being able to discern the place where it burns.



Léo Bittencourt, 19', 2021, Brazil
Directed by Léo Bittencourt
Screenplay: Léo Bittencourt, Ricardo Pretti
Editing: Ricardo Pretti, Waldir Xavier
Produced by Fauna Filmes, Esquina Filmes
Producers: Léo Bittencourt, Julia Murat, Sabrina Bitencourt
Photography: Léo Bittencourt and Juliano Gomes
Sound: Felippe Schultz Mussel
With: Daniel dos Santos de Andrade, Elisa Lucinda, Gabriel Fernando de Castro, Gleiton Matheus Bonfante, Lino Besser, Lourival Júnior, Niana Machad, Nico Arawá, Paulo Guidelly, Rafael Medina, Wallace Lino

The night side of a modernist icon. The fauna and flora of Roberto Burle Marx’s gardens inhabited by visitors to Flamengo’s Park while the city of Rio de Janeiro falls asleep. “Fireflies” is a fabulated ethnography of the night at Flamengo’s Park.



Agnese Làposi, Benjamin Bucher, 23', 2020, France-Switzerland
Directed and written by Agnese Làposi and Benjamin Bucher
Editing: Annette Brutsch, Benjamin Bucher
Produced by Alexis Boulanger, Ethan Selcer (Quartett Production), Jann Kessler (Artist Collective Revolta – Switzerland)
Photography: Benjamin Bucher
Sound: Agnese Làposi. Adrien Kessler
Colorist: Carlos Tapia Gonzalez
Original soundtrack: Tape Machine Music ‘lofi ambient demo01’

Beyond the scheduled program of a school trip, three teenagers find ways to pass the time. Between tenderness, boredom and rejection they all try to find their own place in the group.