Round Tables



In collaboration with Proxecta, the Galician cinema festival coordinating association, Play-Doc Festival presents a session that will include the participation of the heads of different audiovisual festivals and events in Galicia, who share the view that their actions cannot be limited to the days of the events if they want to keep growing and give greater prominence to their work. A discussion will be held and ideas will be shared regarding the importance of attracting new audiences, generating programmes that extend beyond the days of the festivals, relocating their activities and, in sum, regarding how to find new formulas for the promotion, distribution and expansion of their activities as cultural agents.

Proxecta is a non-profit association committed to defending and contributing to the value of festivals, cinema shows and audiovisual events in Galicia, as well as promoting the artistic and cultural values fostered by these.




Almost whenever we want to tackle the process of creation, we approach the figure of the filmmaker as sole centrepiece and head of creation in a film. However, many more agents intervene and generate the work collaboratively. In these sessions, we will present three profiles that go beyond the technical aspects and whose presence marks or defines the final result of a film somehow. Three practitioners who will show us first-hand their understanding of the cinema and the process of creating a film.

With Iria Silvosa, editor, Diego Romero, Director of Photogtraphy and Marco Maril, Sound Designer.