Galician Competition

30’ 70 60’ 120

Marta Valverde, 10', 2022, Spain
Director: Marta Valverde
Producers: Hella Spinelli
Cinematography: Arancha Brandón
Sound: Marta Pavía

An apparently normal house. The walls are painted pink and something in the place makes you think of a set. Various objects inhabit every room: shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, lubricant, and wet wipes.

Marina is a 26 years old girl who lives in this space where nothing seems to happen. She works as a prostitute and she spends most of her time waiting and answering doubts from all the men that are interested in meeting her.

As a background, a sisterhood of whores that accompany each other in a job full of stigma.



César Souto, 82', 2022, Spain
Director: César Soutor
Producer: Daniel Froiz
Cinematography: Alberte Branco
Editing: Marcos Flórez, Cristina Liz
Sound: Emilio García

He worked for an insurance company for 40 years. Every day he got up at six o’clock and went to bed at nine o’clock. In his life there are no remarkable vicissitudes or extravagant episodes. No one would suppose that this man possessed of an ordinary and boring life was the author of one of the most singular poetic works of the 20th century.

When asked to write a biographical sketch to introduce his work, the American modernist poet Wallace Stevens declined to write it.

He believed deeply that poetry is not personal and that the voice behind his poems was actually someone else’s.

Someone, in the distance, observes the identical houses in a lonely suburb in the United States. In the city of money, yesterday as today, a crowd walks restlessly. Faceless voices read fragments of the poet’s letters. He himself recites his poems. A golden-feathered bird sings a song.



Eloy Domínguez Serén, Samuel Moreno Álvarez, 93', 2022, Colombia-Spain
Director: Eloy Domínguez Serén, Samuel Moreno Álvarez
Producers: Eloy Domínguez Serén, Samuel Moreno Álvarez
Cinematography: Eloy Domínguez Serén, Samuel Moreno Álvarez

Two close friends and fellow filmmakers maintain an intimate, transoceanic filmic correspondence between Galicia and Colombia over the course of three years. In these filmed letters both authors are open and familiar, meditative and confessional, making us participants in a sincere friendship.



Helena Girón, Samuel M. Delgado, 18', 2023, Spain
Director: Helena Girón, Samuel M. Delgado
Producers: La Banda Negra
Cinematography: Helena Girón, Samuel M. Delgado
Editing: Helena Girón, Samuel M. Delgado
Sound: Carlos E. García

San Borondón is a mythical island that appears and disappears. It has appeared on maps throughout history in the vicinity of the Canary Island. The legend of the island of San Borondón became so pervasive that, during the XVI, XVI and XVIII centuries, expeditions were organized to find and conquer it. After centuries of oblivion, it has finally been found.



Manuel Valcárcel, 62', 2023, Spain
Director: Manuel Valcárcel
Producers: Iván Patiño, María Elena Álvarez
Cinematography: Manuel Valcárcel
Editing: Lucía Estévez
Music: Óscar Maceda

Circo Nevada is a feature-length documentary that revolves around the experiences of the members of Circo Nevada during the time they remained in Monforte de Lemos, Lugo due to the restrictions in mobility decreed by the Spanish Government during the state of alarm. The film shows their emotions, the difficulties of facing an increasingly distressing situation, unable to return to their homes and unable to perform. Little by little a microcosm is created, a faithful reflection of the society in which we live, where social classes became more and more separated as the pandemic progressed.



Ángel Montero, María Serna, 17', 2023, Spain
Director: Ángel Montero, María Serna
Cinematography: Ángel Montero, María Serna, Jorge Suárez-Quiñones Rivas
Sound: Sergio Fernández Borrás
Cast: Emma Aguirre, Ángel Montero, María Serna, Rafael S.-M. Paniagua, Toribio

Healing rituals, baths, caresses, care. A story of love and illness that explores the acceptance of a loss and the real possibility of death. A sensorial journey in search of healing landscapes to celebrate life.



Enar de Dios, 27', 2023, Austria-Spain
Director: Enar de Dios
Voice over: Amber Cunliffe

“Ecotone” is an essay-film about borderlands and the practices of control that are exerted over spaces in order to maintain their separation. Structured as a set of fields arranged according to scale (from vast natural areas to minute bodily spaces), “Ecotone” is a critique of current forms of capitalism, such as surveillance capitalism and biocapitalism. Using a wide range of visual materials, “Ecotone” aims to activate potential relationalities while demonstrating how economic, political, historical and environmental aspects intersect with each other.



Ariadna Silva, 8', 2023, Spain
Director: Ariadna Silva
Producers: ChanfainaLab
Editing: Isaac Rivadulla, Ariadna Silva
Music: Carlos Gil, Manuel García Vicente, Pla Vinseiro
Cast: Cruz Piñón

Cruz has an orchard, a cow and many fruit trees. Her home is her refuge. The world, on the other hand, is full of evils that she will have to scare away in some way.



Anxos Fazáns, 14', 2023, Spain
Director: Anxos Fazáns
Producer: Silvia Fuentes
Writters: Anxos Fazáns

What is home?

Can a body become a shelter?

This film tries to answer these questions about the construction of our identities through the intimate portraits of transgender and non-binary people from Galicia.



Paula Iglesias, Marta Gómez, 15', 2022, Spain
Director: Paula Iglesias, Marta Gómez
Producers: Sara Blanco, Paula Iglesias, Ana Serna
Cinematography: Lara Vilanova
Editing: Paula Iglesias
Sound: Alberto Blázquez

The ruins of a care system that is falling apart frame the stories of two women whose job is always to attend. To wait. Always.



Raúl Capdevila, 76', 2022, Spain
Director: Raúl Capdevila
Producers: Andrés Sanjurjo, Raúl Capdevila
Cinematography: Gerard Aparicio
Editing: Raúl Capdevila
Sound: Guillermo Rojo, Pablo Rivas
Music: Guillermo Rojo, Gonzalo Sanz, Irene Ivankòva

José Ramón Capdevila, the last farmer of three generations, receives the news that his son Raúl is returning home after failing to find a job in the city. Hoping to find something better, both start working together again in the farm while the arrival of a large meat company (“Pini Group”), which want to build a mega-slaughterhouse is announced in the town.



Laura & Coral Piñeiro, 14', 2022, Spain
Director: Laura & Coral Piñeiro
Writters: Bruno Arias, Coral Piñeiro, Laura Piñeiro
Editing: Bruno Arias, Laura Piñeiro
Music: Artúr Silveiro García
Cast: Lidia Veiga

A letter to Mariví Villaverde, daughter of the republican mayor of the town where the sender was born. Mariví, 14 years old, is forced to go into exile because of the coup d’état. Do their lives have anything to do with each other? Are the traces of the people, of the stories that preceded us visible in the places where we grow up?



Iria Sanjurjo, 20', 2023, Spain
Director: Iria Sanjurjo
Producer: Ojovago
Sound: Inés Almirón

Serpari is the second piece of the series “Rituals and ancestral festivals of the Iberian Peninsula and Europe”. From the perspective of a snake, we attend one of the most peculiar rituals in the area of Aquila, Italy, dedicated to the Abbot San Domenico. A mass ritual in which love and respect for snakes reach its maximum expression within the framework of a religious ritual.