Tono Mejuto, 12', 2017, Spain
Director: Tono Mejuto
Assistant director: Iria Ares
Photography: Miguel Mariño, Tono Mejuto
Producer: Tono Mejuto
Performer: Javier Martín
Music: Oleg Karavaychuk

Quiasma’ is a video-dance piece that captures the research and choreographic creation process of Javier Martín for his work ‘the exform’, performed for the first time in September 2016 in the Teatro Colón of A Coruña, Spain.

We are fortunate to welcome the star of the film, who will be in attendance at the opening of the festival. Contemporary artist Javier Martín will present his choreographed piece commutatio, with music given to him by composer Oleg Karavaichuk.



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