Marina Lameiro, Maddi Barber, 22', 2021, Spain
A film by Marina Lameiro, Maddi Barber
Script, sound and photo editing: Marina Lameiro, Maddi Barber
Production: Mirari Echávarri, Pedro Marqués
Sound design: Oriol Campi
Graphics: Fran Fraca
With: Amets Gardeazabal, Javier Díez, Roberto Jaukikoa, Adur Gardeazabal, Ateri Gar-deazabal, Maia DIaz Ameave, Inaitz Cerro, Dembha Murcia, Ara Cerro, Haizea Tabar, Izar Murcia, Aize Lasa, Nira Murcia, Aiora Tabar, Nahia Uxua, Ian Tabar

Two men measure the heights of pine trees. A woman listens to what the trees are saying. The children of the village set up the camp.  A cloud of digital dots reveals the forest. The pines have said that we can ask. They always called this place “Paraíso”. Machines will come soon.



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