Alberto Berzosa, Carmen Bellas, 49', 2021, Spain
Director: Alberto Berzosa, Carmen Bellas
Producers: Filmoteca Española
Editing: Carmen Bellas, Eduardo Palenque
Sound: Juan Carlos Blancas

Overseas is a documentary made with images shot by families who lived in the colonies, provinces and territories under Spanish rule between 1940 and 1975. It is basically a succession of snapshots of the kind taken by people who move to another country and set up home there. The album flicks through the pages, and at times the screening stops and the editor rewinds, enlarges, analyses and looks for recurrent themes in the family material. What themes are repeated? How are Nature, work, women, or raw materials portrayed? What is the subject’s position in the frame? Is there some trace of the colonial element in the domestic images?



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