Os Fillos da Vide

Ana Domínguez, 69', 2017, Spain
Director: Ana Domínguez
Writers: Ana Domínguez
Cinematography: Ángel Rueda
Editing: Ana Domínguez, Ángel Rueda
Music: Lucía Rolle
Sound-Postproduction: Sisco Lariño

Returning to her roots, Ana Domínguez makes a journey that goes from the personal to the ancestral through the cycles of life and the seasons: vineyards, grape harvest and wine. The rites, the rhythms of nature and the traditions in danger of becoming extinct offer, through the landscapes and the people who live there, this view in which ethnography and emotion mingle in a revelation of the pagan and mythical influences on the popular celebrations, authentic bacchanals and explosions of fertility and life.


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