Noites Paraguayas

Aloysio Raulino, 93', 1982, Brazil
Directed by Aloysio Raulino
Cinematography: Aloysio Raulino and Hermano Penna
Producer: Tania Savietto, Wagner Carvalho.
Editing: José Motta
Sound: Walter Rogério
Cast: Rafael Ponzi, Ana Maria Ferreira, Felisberto Duarte, Emmanuel Cavalcanti, José Dumont, Aurora Duarte, Sérgio Mamberti, Célia Maracajá, and the índio Alberto.

Rosendo left his small home town, in the interior of Paraguay, to try out life in the capital, Asunción. From there, he travels on to São Paulo, where he stays with some compatriots, When he returns to Paraguay, he finds a much changed country.


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