Sabela Iglesias, Adriana P. Villanueva, 90', 2021, Spain
Director: Sabela Iglesias, Adriana P. Villanueva
Producers: Illa Bufarda
Writters: Sabela Iglesias, Adriana P. Villanueva
Cinematography: Pilar Abades, Sabela Iglesias
Editing: Sabela Iglesias
Sound: Marco Maril

Negro Púrpura portrays 20th century Galicia through the cláviceps purpúrea, a hallucinogenic fungus that grows on cereals, which opens the door to a story as curious, surprising and unknown as it is important to the evolution of our culture, and the economy of an era. Ergot, smut… this fungus with a thousand names connects us with the rest of the world and feeds stories from the next-door neighbour, to pharmaceutical multinationals and the CIA; from medieval plagues, through popular medicine, to LSD. Scattered tales that leave a bitter taste of rye and reverberate across oceans. A crust that holds a delirious crumb.



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