Xisela Franco, 20', 2021, Spain
Director: Xisela Franco
Producers: Xisela Franco
Cinematography: Diego Romero
Editing: Xisela Franco
Sound: Marco Maril

A woman moves through a city, Vigo. A filmmaker, a writer, a walker among ruins. Margarita Ledo. She searches for a sign, one that leads her to the Álvarez ceramics factory. Steps lost to the rubble yet, at the same time, an experience full of questions, of the passage of time, of the different states of disappearance that lead to death but which, paradoxically, appear as living memory of a traumatic rupture. A poster as an act of invocation for a departed factory town, an industrial heritage overshadowed by crisis and speculation. The body in movement, and in solidarity, as acts of hope. And film, resin and gold, that rebuilds the fractures of the past.



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