Antonio Grunfeld, 85'', 2019, Galicia
Director: Antonio Grunfeld
Producers: Roi Carballido, María Becerra
Writter: Rocío Cadahía
Cinematography: Rodrigo Vázquez “Harry”
Editing: Gaspar Broullón, Álvaro Ayala
Sound: Oskar López
Cast: Marcelo Ndong, Gorsy Edu, Raimundo Bernabé “Russo”

Marcelo Ndong, an African artist in his sixties who was educated in Spain and now runs a small nursery school in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, receives an unexpected proposal: to put on a play relating his own life. In Malabo, Marcelo will create a play that will be staged in Santiago de Compostela. A personal, creative journey that will take him from postcolonial Guinea and Francoist Spain to both countries as they are today, through his incredible life voyage as a mime, musician, actor and circus performer, but, above all, as a migrant.


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